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Executive Recruiting Placements

Nobody does executive recruitment better than Recruitmento. Our professional consultants have been placing executives successfully for well over two decades, producing remarkable results for client companies in over 50 countries. Our diverse portfolio includes clients that range from startups and venture capital firms to large conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies.


At Recruitmento, every placement carefully matches the candidate to the prospective employer. Our consultants go to great lengths to perfectly align professionals, which enables us to yield improved outcomes for clients. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to fill the role of President, CMO, or any other C-level position, you can trust our experts to deliver the best talent and service available.

CEO & Board of Services

Entire organizations prosper when boards and CEOs succeed, but internal issues can hold a business back. Problems such as personal differences and structural failures can have a major impact on the performance of executive leadership teams, and when individual ideas and perspectives are not strategically aligned, companies may not be able to operate effectively.


Recruitmento Inc. works with the boards, corporate leaders, and decision-makers to address the organizational issues that affect the dynamics within teams. Leveraging our skills and experience, we work to help businesses appropriately structure executive roles, achieve strategic calibration, and develop the capabilities needed to maximize performance.

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Our specialist recruiters excel at finding and engaging skilled professionals for placement within high-value organizations. Over the years, we have developed an exclusive methodology that incorporates strategic targeting, direct sourcing, and other tactics, enabling our researchers to rapidly identify topnotch candidates across a broad spectrum of industries.

Thanks to our proactive executive recruiting techniques and strong work ethic, Recruitmento has come to be known as a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions, delivering exceptional talent to top companies all around the globe. Our experienced recruiters can do the same for your business, regardless of if you need to fill a single position or require a wide-ranging enterprise solution.

Comprehensive Recruiting Services

Identifying and effectively placing top executive personnel is what we do best at Recruitmento Inc. That is our mission, in fact, and when you commission our professional services we become a strategic and important extension of your company’s team, working diligently and consistently to help your firm achieve its commercial goals.


As veterans in the recruiting industry, we have a thorough understanding of the importance and value of strong leadership within an organization. That is why Recruitmento employs a concentrated, collaborative approach with every executive search that when coupled with the extensive resources that we have cultivated throughout the years is proven to produce the very best talent.


Whether your company requires emerging leaders, highly specialized staff, or senior corporate officers through retained executive search, you can count on us to deliver high value and real expertise. Recruitmento also offers board governance and succession planning services.